Hey, I'm Katie!

I am an enneagram 7, travel loving, fun seeking, joy finding gal. I live in Lexington, KY with my husband and our goldendoodle (aka our daughter), Sadie.

Photography is my full time passion, career, and medium through which I get to express myself and my creativity.

I do travel for photography of all kinds, not just weddings or elopements!

I once was prompted to create a "thesis statement" for my life and here's what I came up with...

"I want to use my life to cultivate a spirit of joy + adventure and use my gifts to encourage others to do the same."

I feel so blessed that photography allows me to step into my calling. Beyond creating art and capturing memories, I love to CONNECT with my clients. I always seem to leave a session (& especially a wedding day) with a new friend!

Below is some of my recent work :)

Referral Program

I am soooo excited about this! I truly have the BEST clients ever who always refer me to others and because of this I want to treat you all for being so kind to me!! Here's how it works..

  1. Every person you refer to me for a general session, gives you $10 KMPhoto Credit!
  2. Every couple you refer to me for a wedding, gives you $50 KMPhoto Credit!

You only get the credit if the person you refer books, but these credits are stackable and you can even earn yourself a free session if you stack enough up!

Thank you again to all my amazing clients - I wouldn't be here without you!!!

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